The Flood Building is one of San Francisco's best known landmarks.

Completed in 1904, the Flood Building has withstood earthquakes and the threat of demolition.

It is now the distinctive home to numerous businesses and continues to be one of San Francisco's premier office buildings for large and small businesses.

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The historic landmark Flood Building - for over 100 years a symbol of the City its namesake, James Clair Flood, helped define. His son, James L. Flood, started construction in tribute to his father in 1902 and hired architect Albert Pissis to design the twelve-story, 292,360 square foot building at a cost $1,500,000. When it was completed in 1904 it was the largest building in San Francisco. Now, it continues its original function as an elegant address for businesses of all kinds.


The Flood Building is a microcosm of San Francisco, housing over 350 diverse tenants from all over the globe. These include the flagship store for Gap, as well as stores for Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and T-Mobile.



An Ideal Business Environment In this 1904 landmark building, early San Francisco elegance goes hand-in-hand with modern offices. The result - an environment ideally suited to a wide range of business and office users.