The year is: 1945

After almost 30 years as a medical and dental center the Woolworth's Department Store took over the first and second floors as well as the basement in 1945. The basement had previously housed 11 retailers. However, the war years were hard on the building and Woolworth's offered to demolish the landmark in 1951. It was to be replaced with a three-story structure housing Woolworth's Department Store and offices.  Luckily, the Federal Government saved the building by appropriating space to house war-time agencies such as the Price Stabilization and Civil Defense offices. They also enforced a construction ban brought on by the US participation in the Korean War.

Back to commercial use again

The government subsequently relinquished its occupancy and the structure reverted to commercial office space in 1953, though dramatic changes had been made in the interior to accommodate for large offices.  The Woolworth's Department Store located in the Flood Building was the largest in the United States until 1992, when it was downsized. They remained a tenant until 1996.